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Tapas Recipes Andalucia - Welcome!

Welcome to "Tapas Recipes Andalucia"
Here you will find an array of authentic Spanish recipes some of which are unique to the area. All of the recipes detailed are traditional as are many of the cooking methods, most of these ideas come from local Spanish chefs and tapas bars in our local village here in the heart of Andalucia. These recipes are truly authentic and in some cases have been handed down through generations of Spanish families - its the real deal!
A view of the "real Spain" at dusk

See where we live in the "campo" and how we acheived our "real Spain"
Our neighbours preparing for a Spanish BBQ...

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, we appreciate feedback so let us know your thoughts! You will find at least one Spanish recipe per week, although the title suggest "tapas" we will also be detailing "raciones" (big tapas!) and main meals....Enjoy!!!