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Camomile Infusion

Not strictly a tapas recipe, but this camomile infusion has a variety of uses and is very popular in my local village. Camomile grows wild but it is forbidden to pick it here in Andalucia, however you can buy locally at markets from registered traders.

Camomile has soothing properties and as well as being used to make a relaxing tea, a stronger infusion is very popular for medical uses such as cooling sunburned skin. It is excellent as a mild antiseptic so is ideal for cleaning minor cuts and grazes. I even used it to stop my son scratching during a bout of chickenpox.

You will need:

A small bunch of dried camomile

How to prepare:

1. Fill a saucepan with water (amount depends on your requirements)
2. Add the camomile and bring to the boil
3. Simmer for about ten minutes, then turn off the heat and allow to cool
4. Strain the infusion so you are left with the liquid only, then use as required
5. Can be placed in a jar and stored in the fridge for future use