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Andalucian Matanza - Migas

To start off our Orce Serrano Hams winter warmers season we have researched the age old tradition of the Matanza As a result , over the coming weeks we will be sharing some real Andalucian tradition detailing hot morcilla (black pudding) with herbs and walnuts and the making of sausages, serrano hams, pork loins and a whole host of unique recipes using every part of a pig you can imagine.

To begin, we will start with Migas. This dish is the first of many cooked during the Matanza period. It is a filling, warming dish eaten at lunch time on the first day using the first cuts of meat from the pig. The preparation is a truly family affair, with young and old gathered round the fire cooking this meal for the hungry workers. This recipe was kindly demonstrated by "Angelita" and her family at her annual matanza to where we had the privilege of being invited.

You will need(to serve a large family)

8 cups of water
8 cups of flour
olive oil
bacon, cut into pieces
liver, cut into chunks
green pepper, sliced.

How to cook.

1. In a large pan, heat a little olive oil, and then add the water.
2. Add salt to taste and then bring the water to the boil.
3. Add the flour and stir well.
4. Lower the heat and continue stirring. This process can take up to an hour, so it is best to get help from the family!

5. As you stir the mixture, add a little olive oil now and then, to stop the mixture sticking, and break up the lumps with a fork.
6. Meanwhile, gently fry the bacon, liver and peppers until golden brown.
7. Keep stirring and mixing until, the flour has absorbed the water and resembles breadcrumbs. Add oil as often as necessary throughout, but only a little at a time.
8. When cooked, add the liver, bacon and peppers and mix.
9. Serve with sliced cucumber, grapes and tangerines.

The best way to eat is to give everyone a spoon and just dig in and enjoy!!

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