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Tabla de Jamon Serrano y Almendros

A very very simple tapas dish which I sampled in our local tapas bar/restaurant just two days ago. Over an early beer we were presented with a chunky round wooden board laden with fine slices of serrano ham. On top of the ham was a generous handfull of salted almonds. This combination is absolutely delicious and works very well indeed.

A very simple tapa so recipe needed.

We have found this restaurant to serve some of the best tapas in the area including various types of paella, selection of chorizo, fresh prawns, etc etc......

You can find "Meson Restaurante La Mimbrera" in our local village (Orce)
Calle Chorreador s/n
18858 Orce
Tel: 958746148.

Next up..... Something a bit special.