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10 Serrano Ham Tapas

Spanish Serrano Ham is one of the worlds most famous foods, as such and along with the Spanish "tapa" tradition (the Granada region being the the only region in Spain still to offer free tapas) Spaniards have, over generations discovered the "perfect partners" for the ultimate tapas.

Here are the top ten from the village of Orce in rural Andalucia, simplicity is the key but the flavours are exceptional and remember they are tapas so very easy and full of complimentary flavours!

1) Serrano ham and manchego cheese
2) Serrano ham and split queen olives
3) Serrano ham and salted almonds
4) Serrano ham on fresh bread and olive oil
5) Serrano ham with capers and a deep Rioja
6) Serrano ham on garlic toast with tomatoe and olive oil
7) Serrano ham stuffed in chicken breast with rosemary
8) Serrano ham and goats cheese salad
9) Serrano ham and melon
10) Serrano ham and sliced peaches with olive oil

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Lots more detailed Andalucian recipes coming up in 2008!