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Spanish Drinking Chocolate

Not strictly a tapa but pure indulgence from Spain. Spanish drinking chocolate is a little different.... Two types both as famous as each other are "Cola Cao" and "Chocolate a la Taza"

Cola Cao is the same as the likes of many good drinking chocolates but infinitely better with hints of orange, a real favourite with kids and adults alike cola Cao has been around for decades.

Our recipe however is for Chocolate a la Taza or "thick" Spanish drinking chocolate. The chocolate comes in powdered form or in a bar. Here we are using Caoflor chocolate powder.

1) Heat 1/2 pint of milk in a pan
2) Add 6 table spoons of chocolate powder
3) Stir occasionaly for 10 minutes until chocolate becomes thick


Serving tips: Any sweet biscuit can be used but for the real Spanish experience try "magdelenas" (similar to soft muffins) or "Rollitos" a sweet biscuit that goes great with this chocolate - In Madrid, for the perfect thick chocolate the Rollito should stand up in the chocolate. Churros are the favourite for dipping - a typical Spanish breakfast, churros are similar to pancakes but elongated into a stick to be dipped into the warm chocolate....bliss!